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Have you ever had a body ache that doesn’t let you live happily? We have had patients that visit our chiropractor in SW Calgary stating they can’t even sleep well due to aches and pain.

Not sleeping impacts so many parts of life. It makes you moody, interferes with your daily chores because you are not rested enough to perform them well, it decreases your concentration, and so on. It has even been linked to heart issues.

So if you are in pain, can’t sleep, can’t relax…We suggest looking for a chiropractor near you.

Why People Get Massages

As we mentioned above, it can be for rehabilitation reasons, but our massage therapist in SW Calgary can also assist you if you want to stretch and relax your muscles.

Keep reading to find out the top reasons to get a massage:

1.Relieve anxiety

Anxiety is the disease of our century. Some people falsely believe that it is not a real condition; however, it is. It feels like a constant fear of something bad happening, and it makes people live stressful lives, not being able to focus on their responsibilities.

Massages may help reduce it because they relax your muscles but also your mind as well! It is a moment in which there are no chores in your mind upsetting you. It will be your escape for a while, and the feeling will remain when you leave your appointment.

2.Decrease lower back pain

Backaches are frustrating. You may change your activity or your posture, and the pain still remains. What you may need is massage therapy near you to solve it.

It may take more than one session, but it will help you with your posture and soothe your muscles in that area to make you move and feel better.

We are mentioning the lower back because it is an area that commonly hurts; however, we treat every part of the body, such as your knees, shoulders, neck, and more.

3.Increase your range of motion

When you are in pain, your movements are limited. If you have a neck ache, for example, you may not be able to turn your head to the right or left. Looking for a chiropractor in SW Calgary is the first step to solve this issue. Your range of motion and flexibility will increase.

4.Relieve headaches

Have you heard of tension headaches? Some studies show that when the muscles of your neck contract, you develop chronic headaches. Massaging these muscles and surrounding areas (jaw, face, scalp) can alleviate the tightness and relieve a tension headache.

5.Improve life quality in the eldest

Older people deal with one pain through another. With aging, health issues arise, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and more. Research by the American Massage Therapy Association shows that massage therapy helps in facing these conditions. And even if an older person is healthy, a massage will achieve their relaxation and wellbeing.

We Care for You

Your wellness is our mission. At Calgary Spine & Sport, we treat people of all ages to make them feel more content.

Ensure to combine massage therapy in SW Calgary with a healthy lifestyle. Watching your diet, going for a daily walk, meditate and taking time for yourself will improve your quality of life.