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When the nervous system does not respond properly, your body will not perform 100% as nature intended. This can result in many health complications including, reduced immune function, disease, fatigue, premature aging, stress, joint dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.

This refers to a lesion or dysfunction in your joint or motion segment that alters alignment, movement integrity, and physiological function.

Primarily, chiropractors utilize their hands to provide diagnosis, treatment and preventive care for disorders associated with your spine, pelvis, nervous system and joints.

No, however our chiropractors prefer diagnosing and treating the cause of the problem rather than masking it with chemicals or resorting to financially, emotionally and physically dangerous procedures.

Your body can heal itself with the right tools like proper nutrition, adequate rest, physical exercise, mental and spiritual balance and a nervous system that works properly. Through chiropractic care, your body can restore proper nerve function, thereby facilitating healing.

Healing is case by case. It is dependent on various factors such as your personal history, genetics, current physical condition, stress level and lifestyle. Healing will require time and patience, but if you are following your chiropractor’s recommendations you can expedite the process.

We are confident that you will achieve your desired results quickly. The long-lasting effects will ensure you aren’t wasting your time or money. It is disappointing when patients discontinue chiropractic care before they haven’t even given their body the opportunity to heal, only to return weeks, months or sometimes even years later with the same issues that brought them to our clinic in the first place. Think about it like this, if you don’t go to the gym consistently, and when you do workout, you don’t follow your trainer’s recommendations, who would be responsible for not achieving the results you were hoping for?

The initial stages are allocated for reducing inflammation and restoring joint mobility as quickly as your body will allow. This addresses relief of symptoms. The second stage is for wellness care which is for further healing and maintenance of the progress your body has made.

It is your choice! Your body is something you will need to take care of for the rest of your life and the spine and nervous system is no exception.

Chiropractic care can begin right after birth. The goal is to maintain your health for the rest of your life. You are never too young or too old to begin chiropractic wellness care.

To become a chiropractor, it requires four years of graduate school, clinical internships, state and national board licensure and continuing education courses.

Serious risks associated with chiropractic care are extremely rare. Chiropractors are extensively recognized as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of musculoskeletal concerns.

There are many! As chiropractors, our responsibilities are to be the best technician, educator, and communicator possible.

To follow your care plan recommended by your chiropractor, communicate your concerns, and adhere to financial agreements.

To become healthy naturally, and live your best life! Imagine what the bigger picture means to you. Perhaps it’s being able to play with your children freely, or exercise without pain. Everyone is different.

In short, you will learn what chiropractic care entails and how you can best benefit from care.