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Modern day technology is a driving force behind improvements made in healthcare. Chiropractic care in SW Calgary, T2V 0E4 is no exception, in specific thermal and surface EMG scans, are leading the way. This form of technology makes it possible for doctors to locate areas of interference within a patient’s nervous system.

What is Thermal and Surface EMG Scanning?

Most people are not entirely familiar with the concept of thermal and surface EMG scanning. Electromyography (EMG) measures the electrical activity of the muscles in the spine, similar to an EKG or heart rate monitor. This recording determines the status of the muscles groups and indicates if they are normal, in spasm or weak.

The electrical system of the body is complex yet powerful. it is responsible for controlling a range of functions, some of which include, our muscles, nerves and our internal organs. When an imbalance in the system occurs, it causes pain, fatigue, and further complications in the body due to overcompensation. To monitor and assess these electro imbalances in the body, chiropractors use SEMG technology. SEMG technology is crucial when assessing the paraspinal muscles. The paraspinal muscles can provide useful indications when muscle changes connected to vertebral subluxations are present.

  • EMG’s allow doctors to identify the proper adjustments required to correct a patient’s spinal misalignment. This technique detects electronic imbalances on each side of the spine, thus establishing a baseline for paraspinal electrical activity.
  • Thermal scanning targets areas of adjustment on a patient as well as their progression status. This breakthrough enables doctors to see deep enough into the patient’s internal structure to locate “hot spots” or heat concentrations. Thermal scans read bodily heat signatures and as a result, they identify nerve impingements or nerve irritation. The technology used for scans is non-invasive and highly advanced. A simple scan provides doctors with an easy-to-read graph detecting imbalances and other issues. This makes it possible for patients to receive proper treatment and improve their well-being.

Chiropractic Care You Can Trust

If health problems have left you feeling hopeless, it is time to seek professional care. Thermal and surface EMG scanning can help patients with a variety of health concerns. These scans are pain-free and offer no discomfort what-so-ever. Infants, children, adults and senior citizens should all be examined to ensure their nervous system is functioning properly and their spine is normal. Schedule a consultation in your area with our experienced chiropractor today in SW Calgary, T2V 0E4 to achieve your health goals.

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