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signs its time to see the chiropractor for your back pain

Back pain is something that many people have to deal with every day. It is the reason for countless doctor’s appointments. Perhaps you have even missed work because of this problem. All in all, it is a very uncomfortable ailment that can affect your routine. On top of that, in some cases, it is a recurring problem, because some people have episodes of back pain while others experience it all the time. There are many ways to deal with back pain, but some people can’t seem to find a way to control this pain, which is why in this article you will find the signs why you should seek chiropractor care in SW Calgary.

You need to improve your posture

Sometimes, back pain is the result of having bad posture. Many times, bad posture happens when there is a problem with the alignment of the spine. You may unconsciously try to shift your position to one where you don’t feel pain, but this can ultimately worsen the problem, resulting in a never-ending cycle. A chiropractor near you can manipulate your spine and try to fix your alignment issues and as a result, relieve your back pain.

You are taking way too many pills

Pain relievers such as ibuprofen are often abused by people suffering from back pain. They can certainly provide some relief but the effect they have is temporary and they don’t help you in the long run. You are treating the symptom and not the cause. A chiropractor in SW Calgary can examine you and tell you if your back pain is a result of a problem with your spine, that can be treated with a couple of sessions. This therapy has fewer side effects than pain relievers, which have been proven to cause problems in the stomach and kidneys when abused.

You need to relax

Your back pain is making you more stressed than usual. After all, it can decrease your performance in most aspects of your life. Many people miss work because of this, and this can be a source of stress. Chiropractic care offers many different treatment options that include relaxation techniques, heat, and cold therapies, electrical stimulation, massages, among others. All these techniques can be used to treat your back pain but at the same time, to achieve more relaxation.

You are not sleeping well

It is normal for people with severe back pain to experience trouble sleeping. This adds another layer to the whole situation because sleep is fundamental. As a result of this problem, a person’s performance can decrease even further, especially at work. Some people try to fix this problem with sleeping pills and pain relievers, but as long as the cause isn’t treated, the sleeping problems won’t go away. It is important to remember that although pills can help if they are used heavily and for a long time, they can start to not work as well as they used to, which is why it is important to visit a chiropractor and treat the root of the problem.

You are getting headaches

Even if you have never suffered from migraines, having chronic back pain and sleep disorders can be a cause for regular headaches. This is another manifestation of the underlying issue that can be treated with spinal manipulation.

You are getting sick too often

People who are in constant pain tend to get sick more often. This happens because the body is in a constant state of survival, thinking that it is being attacked. Ultimately, this weakens the immune system. Chiropractic treatment has been proven to boost the immune system, and thus strengthen your defenses.