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Do you know virtually seven out of ten adults believe in the effectiveness of chiropractic care? For some, the idea of chiropractic care can seem a little ambiguous, especially if they have never tried it. With that said, your chiropractor in SW Calgary will be answering several frequently asked questions they have received. To learn more about what chiropractor care entails, continue reading.

1. What Does Chiropractic Treatment Involve?

Primarily, chiropractic care includes:

Treatment of problems with the musculoskeletal system. Neuromusculoskeletal complaints like pain in the back, neck, head, and a range of additional symptoms can occur when the vertebrae become misaligned. To assist in the healing of injuries, provide pain relief, restore joint mobility, and strengthen the musculoskeletal system, your chiropractor in SW Calgary practices a hands-on and drug-free approach.

2. What Is the Right Age for Chiropractic Care?

“Is my child too young?” This is a quite common question among patients. Simply put, when it comes to chiropractic treatment, age is just a number. This means, young and old are eligible for chiropractic care. Often, chiropractors check newborn babies for spinal misalignments acquired during birth. As these infants grow, the parents may choose to obtain chiropractic care for a healthy nervous system and to help with a variety of issues which range from behavioral disorders to allergies. Additionally, chiropractic care is effective for elderly patients as it can provide ease for those suffering from conditions such as arthritis.

3. What Are the Other Services Chiropractors Provide Other Than Adjustments?

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractors do not only focus on your spine. While they do emphasize it, they are also qualified to provide nutritional and fitness guidance for living a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, your chiropractor in SW Calgary can provide screenings for conditions outside the musculoskeletal system and can refer you to other specialists when necessary.

4. Why Do I Hear Sounds During Adjustments?

During your appointment, you may hear a popping coming from your vertebrae as your chiropractor in SW Calgary performs adjustments. You may assume that this popping sound is an indication that the adjustment was effective. In reality, the sound does not have a meaning, it is pain-free, and harmless. So why do these sounds occur? When your joints are slightly separated during manipulation, it creates a partial vacuum, and a gas hurries to fill the space which can cause a sound.

5. Why Would my Chiropractor Use Imaging Testing?

The need for X-rays will depend on the patient and the doctor. In some cases, chiropractors will X-ray each patient to establish a starting point for treatment, whereas others will only take X-rays when it is needed. When your chiropractor in SW Calgary takes an X-ray, it can help them identify where adjustments should be made on the spine. Also, your chiropractor can rule out other issues, including broken bones, dislocated joints, infection, and cancer. When your chiropractor looks at the spine’s internal structure and alignment, it can uncover conditions including bone spurs, disc disorders, deterioration, abnormal development, and arthritis.

6. I Have Fibromyalgia, Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Doctors have yet to discover what the cause of fibromyalgia is. However, they presume that it is related to repeated nerve stimulation, increasing the sensitivity of the brain’s pain receptors. Patients suffering from this condition, typically seek chiropractic care for pain relief from body parts like the neck, back, and legs. Chiropractic care can also boost your immune system, which can aid with fibromyalgia pain as it improves the functioning of the nervous system.

7. Will a Sports Chiropractor Help with Issues Other Than Injuries?

Have you ever noticed sports teams usually have a chiropractor with them? The reason is simple; chiropractic treatment can assist in improving an athlete’s performance, prevent injuries, and amplify their training. Your chiropractor in SW Calgary can also help you improve your coordination and balance.

Above are several common questions, but your chiropractor near you can provide more information regarding your inquiries. To learn more about our services, contact our all-in-one health and wellness clinic. Health is wealth, we want you to reach your full potential. Take the steps to improving your quality of life by scheduling an appointment with us today!