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Say goodbye to the days where massage therapy was only offered at high-end health clubs and luxury spas. Nowadays, it is offered at airports, hospitals, clinics, business establishments, and by your chiropractor in SW Calgary. In case you never experienced the comfort of massage therapy, the possible health benefits that it offers may convince you that it is necessary.

Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy According to the Best Chiropractor in SW Calgary

Regular messages will ensure that your body functions properly. It is commonly considered as a supplemental or complementary medical treatment. The doctor may recommend this aside from primary treatment for different types of medical problems and conditions. If you want to experience the myriad of benefits that massage therapy offers, visit your chiropractor clinic in SW Calgary today.

It Can Ease Headaches

In case you are constantly suffering from terrible headaches or migraines, you will realize that massage therapy can help in greatly reducing the frequency of headaches. But not only will it decrease the frequency of headaches; it can also reduce their severity.

It Improves Your Immunity

A 2012 research that was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine revealed that massages can increase the count of white blood cells that is important in protecting us against different diseases. Also, they enhance the function of the immune system for those who are suffering from HIV.

It Enhances Your Sleep

Massages will not only promote you to have a more restful sleep, but they can also help those who have problems achieving a comfortable rest. According to the best chiropractor in SW Calgary, massage therapy aims to promote sleep and relaxation which may be beneficial for those who are going through radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Massage therapy has also been proven to help infants sleep better. They can also reduce your amount of stress according to a report from the University of Warwick.

It Relieves Depression and Anxiety

The human touch can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Several studies have also proven that getting a massage can make people happier and more relaxed especially those who are anxious and depressed.

It Relaxes Your Muscles

In case you have sore muscles, our chiropractor near you may be able to help you deal with the problem. Massage therapy can enhance and increase the blood circulation in your body. This is perhaps the reason why rubbing your feet after you accidentally stub your toe on a door can help relieve the discomfort and pain. Based on a 2011 study, massage therapy can be as potent as other medicines when treating your back pain.

It Stabilizes your Blood Pressure

Regular massage therapy sessions have been proven to reduce blood pressure. There were a few clinical studies that revealed that massage therapy can indeed stabilize both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Apart from that, it also has the power to bring down your body’s cortisol levels. Massage therapy sessions that are scheduled regularly have also been proven to decrease depression, tension, hostility, and anxiety that can cause elevated blood pressure. Lowering your blood pressure also minimizes the probability of kidney failure, stroke, and heart attack.

Alleviates Chronic Pain

People who are suffering from chronic pain will turn to our chiropractor in SW Calgary hoping that they will help them alleviate pain and improve the quality of their life. According to research, massage therapy can boost serotonin levels that naturally eliminates the pain. Based on the latest report, around 35% of those who acquired massage therapy reported a noticeable improvement in their condition. They are now experiencing less pain related to their chronic health disorder, injuries, soreness, and stiffness. Massages can also relieve symptoms linked with fibromyalgia. This is a chronic health condition that pertains to muscle spasms, headache, sleep alteration, severe fatigue, joint rigidity, and a generalized type of pain.

Due to the different benefits that massage therapy can offer, it is no longer surprising why more and more people are using this as an alternative and supplementary medical procedure. Compared to chemicals and other medicines, massage therapy will not have any side-effects. It will not only make you feel better but will also improve your quality of life. Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor near you today and experience the benefits that massage therapy can offer.