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is wearing orthotics at all times necessary

Not to be confused with orthodontics, orthotics focuses on using artificial medical devices such as braces, inserts, and splints to align and correct certain functions of the body – mainly feet. The broader study of orthotics covers the entire neuromuscular and the skeletal system of one’s body. According to data gathered on patients receiving orthotics treatment in SW Calgary, people who have chronic pain issues in their feet, those with no arches or high arches in their feet, injuries on lower limbs, and those with jobs that require standing for long periods usually require orthotics.

Why Wear Orthotics?

When it comes to foot pain or discomfort you feel in your muscles and ligaments after a long day, many people tend to simply ignore them until there is a much larger health issue. However, feeling constant pain and fatigue in your feet, joints, and bones is not natural and should be treated when you start feeling the first signs of pain. According to James P. Loli – an experienced Podiatrist, you should look into orthotics treatment whenever you feel that your feet and muscles are not in their optimal function and are causing discomfort in your day to day life.

Orthotic devices are made of several different materials including plastic, metals, and carbon fibers. There are small orthotic devices that are generic, but the larger orthoses are usually custom-made after taking a mold of the patient’s feet or the affected area.

The following list contains a few specific treatments your chiropractor in SW Calgary may offer:

– Controlling, guiding, or limiting the movements of certain body segments in order to reduce pain or discomfort.

– Restricting movement of body parts in the desired direction.

– Assisting with joint movements.

– Reducing the impact of weight on feet.

– Helping with the healing process of bone fractures.

– Correcting posture and functions of the body.

If you are in need of orthotics treatment, you can contact a chiropractor near you who will take you through the treatment process.

Do you have to wear them all the time?

There is no single answer to this question. The amount of time you should wear your orthotics daily depends on the condition that you are trying to treat. Orthotics is mostly about giving support where it is needed. The reason athletes wear different shoes, and the reason you should wear special running shoes if you are running for prolonged periods of time is that your feet need extra support when running.

Many people believe that the function of running shoes is to protect the feet from environmental obstacles such as rocks or rough roads. However, the real reason running shoes exist is to absorb the shock to your feet when running. Constant impact on your feet from running can cause severe damage and long term issues if you do not wear the needed protective shoes.

In order to determine how often you should wear your orthotics for optimal results, think of them as your eyeglasses. They are there to strengthen the weakened muscles in your eyes, so are orthotics that are there to do the same for the muscles in your feet. You should ideally wear them whenever you are standing or active. The more you wear them, the less strain you are putting on your feet or the affected muscles, ligaments, bones, etc. Make sure you regularly visit your chiropractor for orthotics treatment near you to monitor your progress. Your chiropractor or physician will be able to advise you on all the steps moving forward.