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If you recently decided to get acupuncture in SW Calgary, you are likely glad you went through the experience and enjoyed the pain-relieving benefits. However, to ensure that you reap the positive effects of acupuncture for as long as possible, you must look after your body properly. At Calgary Spine & Sport, we want you to remain in the best shape possible for as long as possible. We have put together this article about what not to do after visiting our acupuncture center near you.

Do Not Consume Alcohol and Coffee

When you get acupuncture, it prompts your body to go into a state of natural healing. Consuming substances such as coffee and alcohol can reverse these healing effects. Both coffee and alcohol can mess with your bodily function and overall awareness. You are not likely to benefit from the maximum results of acupuncture after ingesting these substances. Instead, opt for healthy foods and plenty of water.

Do Not Overwork Yourself

In short, our chiropractor near you recommends that you rest after getting acupuncture. You don’t have to sleep all day, but you should go easy on your body. Consider skipping your evening runs for a little while. While you may feel very energized after your acupuncture session, it is a good idea to rest for the first while after your treatment.

Avoid Stressful Activities

Don’t go back to work immediately after leaving our acupuncture clinic near you. It would be best if you did everything you can do to relax both your mind and body to maximize the effects of your treatment. This means taking frequent rest, bathing, reading, and eating healthy, well-rounded meals. When you take time off your normal duties to focus on your healing, your mind and body become calmer and clearer.

Do Not Use Cold Compresses

If you have chronic back pain, the good news is that acupuncture may help relieve some of your unpleasant symptoms. However, you should ensure that you diligently stick to our chiropractor’s instructions for aftercare to get the maximum benefit from your acupuncture session. Try to avoid using ice as an additional means of pain relief. This is because ice increases the body’s stagnation. Instead, use heat alongside your acupuncture treatments to encourage blood flow and speed up your healing process.

Avoid Junk Food

One of the major benefits of getting acupuncture is that the treatment drives toxins out of your body. Therefore, choosing to indulge in junk food and processed food may be counterproductive. Do your best to avoid fried, processed, and sugary foods to maximize the effects of your acupuncture procedure. Instead, opt for foods with natural healing properties such as fruits and vegetables.

The Bottom Line

The point of acupuncture is to relax your body, release toxins, and place your mind and body in a position to optimize its healing abilities. You must keep these points in mind when engaging in your daily activities after your treatment session and be good to yourself.

Now that you know how to get the most out of your acupuncture session, there is only one last thing left to do- book an appointment with our experienced chiropractor at Calgary Spine & Sport. Our professional team is happy to answer any of your questions or concerns about before and aftercare for acupuncture treatment, and we are committed to providing you with top-quality treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us today. We can’t wait to help you feel your best!