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If you have a pair of orthotics and find that your feet are feeling achy and sore, you may be wondering why this is. It can feel frustrating that your orthotics are causing you pain, but there are solutions to this problem.

There are several reasons why your feet may be hurting due to orthotics in SW Calgary. Identifying the correct reason will allow you to manage your pain by implementing strategies that reduce it. In this blog post, our team at Calgary Spine & Sport shares some of the most common reasons why your orthotics may be causing you discomfort and give you some strategies to resolve the issue.

1. Your Orthotics Were Not Fitted Correctly

One of the top reasons patients do not find success from orthotics treatment in SW Calgary is their orthotics are improperly fitted or designed. If you have poorly-fitting orthotics, you have likely chosen an off-the-shelf solution that does not fit the shape of your foot perfectly. An off-the-shelf solution will not provide the degree of customization that professional orthotics near you will.

When you get a replacement orthotic, you should visit our team at Calgary Spine & Sport, where we will provide you with a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort and provide you with a customized solution that is right for your needs.

2. You Are Using the Wrong Footwear with Your Orthotics

One of the biggest reasons for foot pain during orthotics treatment near you is the wrong footwear. Footwear that is too tight or does not provide adequate support can result in a wide range of issues. Your footwear may have been good initially but may have become too worn to provide proper support.

When you invest in a new pair of orthotics, you must pay close attention to the footwear that you use with them. Your orthotics will be fitted to work in a specific pair of shoes, sandals, or boots in an ideal situation. Improperly fitting footwear can lead to your orthotics working incorrectly, causing you discomfort and even worsening your original problem.

3. You Have Not Broken in Your Orthotics Correctly

Breaking in a new pair of orthotics is an important process that will differ from person to person. However, when you are breaking in your new orthotics, our team at Calgary Spine & Sport recommends that you take certain precautions to avoid excessive discomfort, such as:

  • Start by only wearing your orthotics for one hour for the first day, and then a couple of hours more each day following.
  • If your orthotics begin to cause you pain, stop wearing them for a couple of days and allow your feet to rest.
  • Ensure that you return to breaking in your orthotics after taking a break from them; if you forget about them, you will have to begin the process all over again.

When breaking in your orthotics, your goal should be to slowly build up a tolerance to wearing them full-time after about two weeks. In most cases, the average person can comfortably wear their orthotics after two weeks.

If you notice lingering discomfort after these two weeks, come and visit our team at Calgary Spine & Sport for a checkup. We will assess your condition and determine if your orthotics need to be adjusted to provide you with a more comfortable fit.