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Our feet are key to our physical stability. We stand on them all day, and they support us and allow us to go wherever we want. Despite this, as any chiropractor in SW Calgary might tell you, we often don’t take sufficient care of our feet.

There are many things you can do to make sure you’re treating your feet correctly. This way you won’t be suffering from any discomfort, which can range from feet pain to problems with your knees and even your hips. Therefore, we have gathered some of the tips experts might give you at a chronic pain clinic in SW Calgary for taking proper care of your feet.

Choose your shoes wisely

chronic pain clinic in SW Calgary

Many people fail at choosing the right shoes. They place an emphasis on the appearance of the shoes versus the comfort of them. This means they are pretty much willing to make the shoes work no matter what. This can come at a cost, as you’ll be suffering with the consequences of wearing ill-fitting shoes, which can be quite severe.

You must consider if you have a low or flat arch, a neutral arch, or a high arch. This should determine which type of shoe you get. Besides that, they should provide you with the right support at all levels, including your heels.


Include yoga in your routinechiropractor in Calgary

Many people that provide orthotics treatment in SW Calgary might advise you to practice yoga. The reason for this is that it can function as prevention as well as a treatment option. Yoga helps strengthen your feet’s tendons and ligaments. This will provide you with more flexibility and support while you conduct your daily activities.

Cut your toenails regularly

chronic pain clinic in SW Calgary

You must cut your nails in a straight line, without keeping them excessively short. Cutting them too much could predispose you to suffer from things like fungal infections. Also, you should always clean under your nails. You can apply nail polish if your nails are healthy, but should refrain from doing so if there’s a fungal infection.


 Your feet need exercise toochiropractor in SW Calgary

You can do some other exercises aside from yoga. A chiropractor in SW Calgary might recommend specific activities for your feet. One of these is very simple. All you have to do is sit on a chair while your feet are touching the ground. Then, you can flex your toes toward you and then scrunch them into the shape of a fist. Repeat this about 10 times.

Keep them soft

chronic pain clinic

The perfect time to give some love to your feet is right after you get out of the shower. Buy a foot cream that has ingredients such as shea butter or urea. You might find these moisturizers at a chronic pain clinic in SW Calgary. Use the lotions to massage your feet. Try not to put too much lotion between your toes to avoid humidity and the development of an infection.



Wash your feet properlychiropractor calgary sw

Rinsing your feet is not enough. You should wash them with soap and water. You can also add an exfoliator to your routine. Dry them completely to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bad smells.

Protect your feet

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Certain diseases can be transmitted upon contact in places like showers, spas, and more. Therefore, whenever you head to the gym shower or the pool, remember to wear flip-flops.



Calcium is your friendchiropractor calgary

We’ve all heard about the importance of calcium. When you get orthotics treatment in SW Calgary, you might be reminded of this fact. This is because fractures due to osteoporosis and insufficient calcium intake begin with the feet. Therefore, it’s important to eat food rich in calcium as well as get vitamin D. This is vital for proper calcium absorption.