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  • 6 Benefits of Custom Orthotics

An orthotic is a special device that is placed into your shoe and helps treat and correct a variety of foot, leg, knee, and back problems. There are many types of orthotics available on the market, from the shoe insoles sold at stores, to the ones found in mall kiosks. However, in this article, you will learn about the benefits of acquiring custom orthotics at a chiropractor clinic near you and why these are superior to the rest.

They are prescribed by a professional

Generally, people try to deal with their foot issues by themselves before deciding to go to a professional. In this journey, they may end up looking for options available in retail stores such as shoe insoles. These are categorized depending on specific issues, such as high arches, plantar fasciitis, or flat feet. Deciding which type of insoles to buy can be quite overwhelming, since the person needs to self-diagnose and buy whatever insole is used for their presumed condition. A very different experience awaits those who decide to acquire custom orthotics. These are prescribed by a chiropractor in SW Calgary, who can identify problems with your feet, knees, legs, and back that you can’t.

They address your specific issues

After identifying your problems, your chiropractor will prescribe a custom orthotic designed especially for your feet. Acquiring custom orthotics near you will help correct and treat issues such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and high arches, as well as prevent others such as diabetic ulcers. Each of these conditions requires orthotics with certain specifications that aren’t met by other options found on the market.

They give you the support you need

Our feet bear our entire body weight, and this can be quite straining. You can give your feet the support they need by acquiring orthotics in SW Calgary. These are custom made to fit perfectly and support all the bones and muscles in your feet. To achieve this, your chiropractor will make a model of your feet which will allow them to ensure the highest level of comfort. This support is particularly beneficial in diabetic patients, who lose sensitivity in their feet and can develop ulcers if they don’t have adequate support.

They help relieve pain

Many people live with constant pain in their lower back, knees, legs, and feet. Sometimes, these problems are a reflection of issues with the anatomy of your feet. After all, your feet support your entire weight so any problems with them are bound to manifest in other parts of your body. Using custom orthotics has been proven to be beneficial in many conditions, such as patellofemoral syndrome. This is a condition that causes knee pain due to damage in the knee cartilage. Patients with this syndrome have shown a decrease in their pain after using custom orthotics. They also provide some pain relief to people living with arthritis.

They are durable

One of the biggest advantages of custom orthotics is that they are very durable. They are fabricated with premium quality materials that are meant to last a long time. The same can’t be said for other types of orthotics such as the shoe insoles found in retail stores. These may seem appealing due to their low prices, but they aren’t durable and need to be constantly replaced.

They will improve your athletic performance

Custom orthotics will perfectly align your body and give your joints the support they have been lacking. As a result, you will have improved balance and this will reflect in your athletic performance. On the other hand, they will reduce the risk of having an injury.