Graduated from University of Calgary in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science Degree

Graduated Magna Cum Lauda with a doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa U.S.A. in 1985

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Program (120 certified hours) from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon U.S.A. – Passed in June of 1993 with a CCSP designation

Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor Program (300 certified hours) from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario Canada and The American Chiropractic Educational Services in New York, New York U.S.A.

Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board November 1999

Fellow of the College of Chiropractic Rehabilitation Sciences (Canada) March 2000


I have been in private practice in Calgary since October 1985 and have a sports, family, W.C.B., entertainment and pediatric based practice.

I am the designated chiropractor for the entertainment at the Pengrowth Saddledome, Jubilee Auditorium as well as the Jack Singer Concert Hall. I have had the opportunity to help such athletes like Mike Vernon and Kevin Dahl of the Calgary Flames N.H.L. team, Don Blair, John Kalin and Roger Reinson of the CFL. I have also had the opportunity to work as the team doctor for the Calgary Radz of the Roller Hockey International League, the World Wrestling Entertainment, the Mount Royal Hockey Team, the Calgary Canucks Junior A hockey team of the AJHL, the skaters with Stars on Ice such as Josee Chouinard, Barbara Underhill, Calla Urbanski, Rocky Marral, Laurent Tobel, Anton Sikhanilidge and Marie Claude Savard-Gagnon, Canadian National Champion – Karen Preston, U.S. silver medallist – Tonia Kwiatkowski and World Figure Skating Champion Ingo Steur. The musicians and bands that I have had the opportunity to work with include Black Eyed Peas, Audioslave, Seether, John Fogerty's Band, The Who, Guess Who, Black Crowes, Brooks & Dunn, Stevie Winwood's Band, KISS, Alice Coopers Band, Tom Jones Band, Simple Plan, Wiggles, Tom Petty's Band, Russell Peters, Buckcherry, Scorpions, and Pussycat Dolls.

I currently offer my services as a speaker to various organizations, clubs, businesses and professional associations here in Calgary for those who would like me to inform them on Chiropractic.  For more information on my health and wellness workshops, please contact Shannon at the clinic.

Canadian Chiropractic Association

 - since October 1985

College of Chiropractors of Alberta

 - since October 1985

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

 - since October 1985

Calgary Chiropractic Society

 - since October 1985

Palmer West Alumni Association

 - since October 1986

American Chiropractic Association

- since April 1993

American Council on Sports Injuries & Physical Fitness

- since April 1993

American Chiropractic Sports Council

- since April 1993




DR. SHANNA J. RAI  B.Sc.  D.C.  


Meet Dr. Shanna Rai, another one of our great chiropractors here at Calgary Spine and Sport!

I have known since my mother had a serious car accident in 2007 the importance of chiropractic care for the human body. She had constant traumatic physical and neurological symptoms that would not heal from conventional medicine and physical therapy. She walked through the doors of our neighborhood chiropractor and learned of a method so foreign to our family and it changed the way we treated our bodies ever since.

Chiropractic gave my mother back her life! She healed from her brain injury, her physical symptoms finally were gone and she got her body working for her again! I was amazed at how chiropractic impacted my mom’s life. I started seeing the doctor of chiropractic soon thereafter for my aches and pains of being a student. I became a chiropractic assistant to further explore the profession and almost immediately I was hooked and knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life - help people feel better! 

I attended University of Western States in Portland, Oregon for my degree in Doctor of Chiropractic. After graduating in 2012, I worked in my hometown of Surrey, BC for two years until I got engaged to my chiropractic sweetheart and moved to Calgary in 2014. This is where my passion for the profession bloomed! I attended multiple seminars in different techniques including Activator, Thompson, and Diversified. With everything I learned I put to use to devise my own treatment style for all the beautiful people I get to call patients.

The biggest thing I have learned in my years of practice is that Chiropractic allows our body to become balanced; to heal and adapt to the never ending stresses of our lives at work, play and from the environment. 

Now that being said the population I see that is losing out of the benefits of chiropractic care is Mothers and their children. Going through my own pregnancy I intimately realized that my body went through daily changes struggling to adapt to my daily stresses and my baby’s rate of change. Chiropractic was such a key component in allowing my body to adapt faster, be more comfortable with my changing body and decreases stresses on my baby. I was also excited about how chiropractic improves labour outcomes! I didn’t realize how much my body would need chiropractic care postpartum. With how much my body was taxed after birth and how much my baby demanded from my body chiropractic allowed my body to heal faster and adapt to the brand new changes of motherhood. I realize it is such an essential part of my life as a mother and taking care of my body that needs to take care of my baby.

My son was adjusted within the first 12 hours of his birth. Birth, even a normal birth, is a traumatic process for our small humans. It allowed his body to heal and balance and work better as he started navigating this world. Throughout his development he gets chiropractic care to help him adapt to new ways he moves his body and navigates the world around him! It is truly amazing how chiropractic care can help our kids - for example birth trauma, torticollis, colic, reducing incidence of illnesses (boosting the immune system), healing from bumps and falls, increasing their brain and physically adaptively to their ever enhancing world and overall being the healthiest little human they can be!

I hope after reading a little bit about me you come to the decision that chiropractic care can be for you and your family too! I cannot wait to meet you and have chiropractic change and enhance your life like it did mine!





Dr. Alysha Rawji obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Calgary. Her love for healthcare lead her to The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where she received a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. In addition to completing her chiropractic education, Dr. Rawji also completed a 300 hour training course in contemporary medical acupuncture at McMaster University. 


Dr. Rawji is passionate about improving her patients’ quality of life and does so by implementing specific manual techniques as well as educating her patients on the importance of maintaining a proper functioning nervous and musculoskeletal system. Her practice revolves around taking a patient centered approach, which incorporates evidenced based medicine. She believes in tailoring her treatment plans specifically to each patient focusing on improving physical function and restoring pain free mobility. Some of Dr. Rawji’s treatments include adjustments, medical acupuncture, joint mobilizations, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitative exercise.





"Dr.Taryn Zest has been an active health care practitioner since 2007 when she joined the Natural Health practitioners of Canada as a Registered Massage therapist. In 2012 she enrolled at the Calgary College of TCM and Acupuncture. Today she is a practising Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine and a registered Acupuncturist with the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta.

Her mission is to provide a greater health care service by utilising natural healing methods such as Acupuncture, Cupping and prescribing Herbal formulas in order to stop painful conditions and to optimise one's standard of living. The goal is to restore inner balance within the body, calm the mind and revive the spirit.  Furthermore to help patients lead a more prosperous and healthy lifestyle."

Oriental Medicine has been used for centuries by people in the East. This comprehensive treatment system pre-dates pharmaceutical based medicine.

Acupuncture - the cornerstone of the oriental system - is the primary form of treatment.

Maximize your health and well-being through Dr. Zest's in-depth Oriental Medical Analysis. Her thorough treatment system activates your body’s own internal resources to address a wide range of stubborn health concerns.

To facilitate the healing process, your treatment will involve one or more of the following oriental medical techniques:    

• acupuncture

• herbal therapy

• acupressure

• cupping

• gua sha (scraping)

• heat therapy







From a young age Renee has had the healing touch.  In 1998 she started her massage therapy training at Mount Royal College and completed the 2200 hour course.  Renee is trained in relaxation, therapeutic, pregnancy, child and sports massage.  In 2001 she started her own private practice on a part-time basis and went full time in 2007 and has not looked back.  She loves what she does and makes a difference in the lives of the people she works with.  Renee is a welcome addition to our clinic.



With a desire to see others at their best and a compassionate heart to help, in 2002 Erin graduated from the 2200hr massage course.  Since that time she has worked in a variety of settings, from private island resorts to physiotherapy clinics.  We are excited to have Erin join our team at Calgary Spine and Sport as she brings with her a variety of expertise in massage, Craniosacral therapy, reflexology and aromatherapy to the team.

Erin says that helping others in all walks of life to reset from the fast pace of life is incredibly rewarding and she looks forward to meeting you all very soon.  





As a Certified Nutritional Therapist, I believe that nutrition is an important piece of the puzzle to optimum health.  Together we can create a program specifically for you.  Whether you want to lose weight, cleanse or detox, eliminate inflammatory foods or create a healthy eating program for your family I am happy to work with you.  Besides a specific program that is designed for you, we also offer Ideal Protein as a means of weight loss

If you want to know what supplements you need to add to your daily regime I can help you with that as well.  For a lot of people just getting started can be overwhelming.  Let's sit down and figure out what is right for you.

I arrived at Calgary Spine and Sport in 1990, from Medicine Hat with five years of chiropractic office experience.  Over the years I have seen a lot of changes in the clinic; renovations, support staff, doctors,  renovations, therapists, modalities and yes, more renovations.  Through all of this, there has always been one constant - the health and well being of our patients.  Achieving your optimum health potential is our top priority.  You can find me working alongside both doctors and assistants, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the clinic.  I welcome your comments and suggestions, and look forward to seeing everyone in the clinic soon.  

It's never too late to invest in your health.  Call  the clinic today, and see what kind of Nutrition Packages are available.  We have something that will fit into your budget.